Canapés are perfect for snacking on, and can be served in amongst the function on our platters, or even as a "main" meal.  

Selection of 3 canapés $16
Selection of 5 canapés $24
Selection of 7 canapés $33
Selection of 9 canapés $36

Selection served as a "Main Meal": (8 savoury options & 2 sweet, with additional portions per serve) $ 58 per person.




Our menus change with the unfolding seasons, to reflect the very  best of Nelson's seasonal ingredients. 






Savoury Delights

~ Golden herb bilinis topped with rare beef, romesco and crème fraiche

~ Asian style pickled vegetable salad with flavors of coriander, kaffir lime and sesame wrapped in rice paper with homemade tomato-chili dipping sauce

~ Sushi Nori, with sea run salmon, layered egg omelette and crisp cucumber rolled with mirin seasoned rice and wasabi topped with fresh salmon caviar

~ Little tartlets of caramelized summer harvest onion and sweet thyme Beef Croquets – traditional Dutch creamy beef balls, served with hot mustard

~ Chargrilled lamb fillets on garlic toast with watercress & smoked paprika aioli

~ Mini Croissants filled with mozzarella, tomato and smoky ham

~ Tempura battered garlic prawns with wasabi mayo

~ Greenshell mussels served in half-shell, finished with spicy roma tomato salsa, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil

~ Garlic crostini topped with rocket, rare beef and Italian black olive tapenade

 ~ Pastry tartlet filled with garlic, oven roasted tomato and mozzarella cheese

~ Nelson scallops wrapped in crispy bacon with rosemary skewer

Sweet Treats


~ Decadent Dark Chocolate Brownie With red wine raspberries & chocolate shavings


~ Sweet pastry Tartlets’ filled with vanilla custard cream topped with fresh fruit

~ Raspberry or Chocolate lamingtons with fresh cream and berry compote

~ Lemon curd slice with scorched Italian meringue

~ Grans Little Lemon Possets with Fresh berries

~ Crème profiteroles dipped in Dark Belgian chocolate


~ Tart tartin of Granny Smith apples and spiced caramel

~ Melrose Lavender Chocolate Truffles Homemade rosewater